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Immigrating to Quebec as an investor

For international investors wishing to settle in Quebec and contribute to its dynamic economy, it's possible to immigrate as an investor. Designed specifically to attract individuals with substantial net worth and solid management experience, this program enables immigration based on passive investment, directly supporting the province's economic development.

How does the program for immigrating to Quebec as an investor work?

This program requires applicants to make a passive investment guaranteed by the Quebec government. This investment, the amount of which is set by the program, is intended to be used in economic projects that stimulate the local economy and contribute to job creation. The main attraction of this program lies in the fact that it does not require investors to be actively involved in the day-to-day running of a business in Quebec, offering considerable flexibility for individuals wishing to obtain Canadian permanent residency while maintaining their professional or entrepreneurial activities elsewhere.

What are the eligibility criteria for immigrating to Quebec as an investor?

To immigrate to Quebec as an investor, there is a specific set of eligibility criteria to meet, which are designed to ensure that applicants are both financially capable of investing in the local economy and have the necessary management experience to contribute to the province's economic development. Here are the key steps and requirements:

Investment agreement

You must sign an investment agreement with a financial intermediary who has signed an agreement with the Ministère and Investissement Québec Immigrants Investisseurs inc. This intermediary will be responsible for carrying out your investment and making a significant financial contribution on your behalf.

Management experience

You must have at least two years' management experience within the five years preceding your application. This experience must be outside sectors such as payday loans, check cashing, pawnbroking, or any sector related to the sex industry, including the production or sale of pornographic content, escort services, or erotic massages.

Net worth

You must have a legally accumulated net worth of at least $2 million. These assets may be shared with your spouse. The lawful origin and accumulation of these assets must be clearly demonstrated. Gifts received less than six months prior to the application are not eligible for inclusion in the net worth calculation.

Education level

A diploma equivalent to at least a Quebec high school diploma is required, and must be obtained before submitting the application.

Language skills

Oral French proficiency of at least level 7 on the Quebec scale of French proficiency levels is required.

Democratic and Québec values

An attestation of learning of democratic values and Quebec values is required.

Investment and Financial Contribution

Within five days of the Ministère's request, your financial intermediary must complete a five-year term investment of $1 million CAD and make a $200,000 contribution to Investissement Québec Immigrants Investisseurs inc. This investment is guaranteed by the Québec government and will be repaid to you interest-free at maturity.

Staying in Quebec

After receiving the notice of intent to select and being issued a work permit by the Canadian government, you and your family must stay in Quebec for at least 12 months over a two-year period. This includes a six-month residency obligation for you, while the remaining six months can be completed by you or your spouse.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of immigrating to Quebec as an investor?

Immigrating to Quebec as an investor offers a range of substantial advantages, as well as some potential challenges and drawbacks. Here's an overview of the main positives and negatives to consider:


1. Access to a stable and prosperous economic market: Québec has a diversified and growing economy, offering investors a stable platform for their investment and a multitude of opportunities in different sectors.

2. High quality of life: Immigrating to Quebec means having access to a high quality of life, with a public healthcare system, a quality education system, significant security and a rich bilingual culture.

3. Tax advantages: Quebec offers attractive tax incentives for companies and investors, which can maximize returns on investment.

4. Simplified immigration program: The Quebec Investor Program is designed to facilitate the immigration process for investors, offering a direct path to permanent residency.

5. Contribution to economic development: The investment contributes directly to Québec's economic development, enabling investors to play a significant role in the province's growth.


1. Substantial investment required: The amount required for investment is high, which may represent a significant barrier for some investors.

2. No immediate return on investment: The investment is passive and guaranteed by the government, which means it generates no immediate returns or profits beyond the initial interest-free repayment.

3. Administrative complexity: Although the program is simplified, the immigration process can involve complex and demanding administrative procedures, often requiring the assistance of professionals.

4. Language requirements: Fluency in French is an important criterion, which may require an additional investment of time and resources for non-French speakers.

5. Sector restrictions: Certain restrictions apply to the sectors in which investment is permitted, limiting the options for investors wishing to invest in sectors excluded from the program.


In conclusion, immigrating to Quebec as an investor can offer valuable economic and personal opportunities, but requires careful evaluation of the investments and potential challenges. Investors must weigh the benefits of economic stability and a high quality of life against the financial and administrative demands of the immigration process.

**Please note that the information presented in this article is subject to change and is provided for reference purposes only; it should not be construed as legal advice. For accurate and personalized immigration advice, we strongly recommend that you consult a qualified lawyer or immigration consultant.