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With over 1,000 automation projects completed since its foundation in 2002, Solumation operates in the field of industrial processes, offering unique, highly specialized services and solutions in process control and industrial IT. Our technical expertise and know-how in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and metallurgical sectors enable us to offer solutions tailored to our customers' needs. As a growing company, we stand out for our team of passionate experts and our personalized services. We are recognized for the quality of the projects we deliver to our customers, year after year. Inspired by international standards, our mission is to develop and apply methods and standards for industrial process automation. The primary objective is to provide a highly specialized programming and design service. It's a service that demands strength in knowledge of the industrial environment and mastery of programming tools. Our experts combine solid practical experience in controls with an in-depth understanding of industrial process fields. This enables us to grasp our customers' operational challenges and design solutions tailored to their needs.

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HMI/SCADA Specialist
Industry, Automation, Industrial computing